Why pay for a church website when I can get one for free?

There are a lot of ways for churches to get free websites.

The General Board of Global Ministries offers free website hosting for churches who have people who know how to write web pages. Website addresses are embedded in the GBGM web address.

Facebook’s Pages offer a good option for churches that want a free online presence.

WordPress, the platform we’re offering through this program, also is available for free.

So why pay for it? Investment.

When we make a financial investment in something, we tend to think it’s important and we care for it.

I’ve seen many church websites built on free platforms that have been abandoned and left running with out-dated information because it just wasn’t important enough to pay attention to.

If you pay even a little something for your website, you have that regular reminder that you thought this was important and it needs attention. And sometimes that makes the difference between an abandoned church website and an updated, current church website that’s connecting seekers with a congregation hungry to share God’s word.