What are people looking for in a church website?

It may take a few posts to answer this question, so be patient with me.

People who haven’t been to your church are more likely to check you out online before they darken your church doors. It’s safe. It’s anonymous. They don’t have to “pay” to check you out with money in your offering plate.

Knowing that people will check you out online before they come to your church should help you decide what to put online about your church.

Here are some things people want to know:

  • Location
  • Photo of church building
  • Service time(s)
  • How to dress
  • Children’s programs
  • Photographs of children having fun in the children’s programs
  • Adult classes and programs
  • Photos of adults having fun in the adult classes and programs
  • Sermon series titles
  • Recordings of sermons

People looking at your church online may have questions about the faith or be looking for spiritual direction. Your site might also include:

  • Scripture verses to ponder for the week
  • A daily devotion that changes – this will keep those seeking guidance coming back
  • A brief description of the United Methodist Church’s basic beliefs