Example Sites

Our team of techies and designers are working with local churches to establish sustainable local church websites that are easy to use and maintain. Check out our recent launches:

Stull United Methodist Church – www.stullumc.org
Screenshot of stullumc.org
Berryton United Methodist Church – www.berrytonumc.org
Screenshot of berrytonumc.org
Camp Chippewa – www.campchippewa.org
Screenshot of campchippewa.org
DeSoto UMC – www.desotoumc.org
Screenshot of desotoumc.org
Flint Hills District – www.flinthillsdistrict.org
Screenshot of flinthillsdistrict.org
Great Plains Youth – www.greatplainsyouth.org
Screenshot of greatplainsyouth.org
Hands on the Great Plains – www.handsonthegreatplains.org
Screenshot of handsonthegreatplains.org
Larned UMC – www.larnedumc.org
Screenshot of larnedumc.org
Leoti UMC – www.leotiumc.net
Screenshot of leotiumc.net
Living Water UMC – www.livingwaterumc.net
Screenshot of livingwaterumc.net
Newton First UMC – www.firstchurchnewton.org
Screenshot of firstchurchnewton.org
Parsons District – www.parsonsdistrictumc.org
Screenshot of parsonsdistrictumc.org
Reading UMC – www.readingksumc.org
Screenshot of readingksumc.org
Shoot for No Malaria – www.shootfornomalaria.net
Screenshot of shootfornomalaria.net
West Heights UMC – www.westheightsumc.org
Screenshot of westheightsumc.org